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Your Quick Guide to Ordering Stainless-Steel Wire Mesh

Stainless-steel wire mesh is one of the best all-around materials for use in fencing, both indoors and outdoors.  From keeping a home’s back yard safe to protecting secured materials...

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Using Pallet Protectors with Adjustable Pallet Racking

Adjustable pallet racking is now used in warehouses throughout the country. But what are the main reasons for its use and how can your company benefit from working with...

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A Guide to Choosing Stainless-Steel Wire Mesh

When choosing stainless-steel wire mesh products, you generally have two options: woven or welded wire mesh. To help you make the right decision and choose the optimal wire mesh...

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The Differences Between Wire Mesh Panels and Rebar

When choosing a material for your facility, it helps to know the value of the leading options. Two of the most popular construction materials are rebar and wire mesh...

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Our Manufacturers Explain the Value of Welded Wire Mesh

If you’re considering using welded wire mesh in your facility, you can learn more about the material by working with welded wire mesh manufacturers. Our team at California Wire...

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What is Stainless Steel Wire Mesh?

Many companies are dependant on stainless-steel wire mesh to provide high caliber performance protection and performance. For this post, we’re highlighting the benefits of stainless-steel wire mesh and we...

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Why You Should Use Pallet Racking Protectors

Within a warehouse environment, pallet racking is critical for organizing pallets and ensuring they are directed effectively throughout the space. Our team at California Wire Products offers quality pallet...

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A Guide to Using Pallet Racking Protectors

Pallet racking protectors help safeguard your warehouse and can ensure your team is protected in completing their daily tasks and operations. Harnessing the power of pallet racking protectors can...

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The Full Benefits of Wire Storage Cages

Wire storage cages are now in place at facilities across the country, protecting belongings and providing the ideal space for secure storage. But many building owners still don’t have...

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