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Column and Pallet Racking Protectors Keep Your Investments Safe

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If you have a warehouse large enough that you’re running forklifts or cherry-pickers, you’re undoubtedly aware of the potential they have to damage your stock.  A single accident with a piece of heavy machinery could ruin a considerable number of items, causing disruptions across your operation.  Column and pallet racking protectors are must-haves.

Which type of protection is best?  You have many options, and as is often the case when it comes to safety, a mix of solutions is usually the best call.

Exploring Your Options in Column and Pallet Racking Protectors

1. Metal column protectors

One of the most basic forms of protection is in the way of shaped metal that goes around the base of your racks.  These essentially act like car bumpers, absorbing any ground-level impacts without allowing the collision to affect or damage the racks themselves.

These can either be bolted directly onto the columns or bolted to the floor in front of the columns.  Bolting to the floor costs more but is by far the better option.

There are also foam/air-filled bumpers, but these are only going to protect against a very mild impact.  They’re protection for worker’s legs as much as anything.

2. Guard rails

Guard rails along the paths your working vehicles will follow are an excellent way of preventing ground-level impacts.  Spaced several inches in front of the racks, they’ll deflect many near-misses, and prevent any sideswipes from occurring.  The cost of installing them is minimal based on the savings they’ll bring.

3. Mesh wire barriers

Column protectors and guard rails only protect against ground-level collisions.  What about the potential damage caused by a forklift’s raised forks?  Or by a poorly operated cherry-picker?  In these cases, mesh wire barriers surrounding the racks are best.  When made of hardened steel, these barriers are nearly impenetrable and can protect against impacts that would otherwise potentially topple a rack.

Better yet, wire barriers can serve a double purpose for inventory control – particularly on small or expensive items that might otherwise be at risk of loss.  Access to the shelves are controlled via locks, making it far less likely any stock “accidentally” falls into someone’s pocket.

Companies Across America Rely on Cal-Wire

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