Welded and wire mesh products are now used for safeguarding assets and providing protection throughout buildings. Our team at Cal-Wire is a leader in supplying wire mesh and welded mesh products, and below are just a few of the items we provide:


California Wire Products has been manufacturing woven wire mesh partitions, handrail panels, security cages, and storage lockers since 1948. We manufacture the most effective modular system available for all your security requirements and access control, providing customized and ready to go options for all your needs


Years of experience


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Leading company

West Coast leader in manufacturing woven wire mesh products since 1948.

Custom products

Our products are custom designed to the specific needs of each and every customer.

Quality products

High quality handmade products and designed with extreme precision.


The handcrafted quality woven wire mesh panels and other products we carry are designed with extreme precision, through the use of advanced 3D modeling software and techniques. To learn more about how we develop our products, visit our resources page, which contains up-to-date CAD and .PDF files of all our design specifications.

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