Structural steel


Structural steel fabrication is a process that involves cutting, bending, and shaping steel to create a custom new product or structure; it usually includes several pieces of steel that are combined to form different structures of predefined sizes and shapes.

Our structural Steel Applications:

  • Steel Window Frames.
  • Steel Door Frames.
  • Steel Glass.
We offer Steel Structure custom fabrication services to add value to your projects or building. We are a licensed manufacturer with plenty of years of experience. A steel frame is one of the most reliable structures for any infrastructural projects while increasing its durability as well as performance. From the initial project briefing to its completion, steel frame structures can be quickly built with the help of various methods such as:
  • Bolting.
  • Welding.
  • Riveting.
Our team at Cal-Wire is a leader in supplying custom-made structural steel frames. We work with architects, builders and property owners to create a value-driven approach to steel construction.


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