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The team here at Cal-Wire is recognized for our understanding on the importance of safety and security within military security applications. We know that our military members require the finest quality, most durable systems for use within their facilities, and that’s why we’re now offering the storage TA-50, the market’s most trusted storage system for military facilities.

Storage TA-50 security locker applications include:

  • Military member belongings storage.
  • Military base training product storage.
  • Equipment inspection processes.
530 X 330

Benefits of TA-50 security locker :

Companies choose Cal-Wire products because:
  • We have 70+ years’ experience: The team at Cal-Wire has been in business since 1948. This means we can respond to a broad range of wire product requirements using our understanding of the marketplace and the latest products available. Our experience is also essential in resolving complex application problems that require engineering excellence and a seasoned professional at the helm of the project.
  • We offer durable products: Durability is one of the leading reasons our military clients choose Cal-Wire products. You can entrust our storage systems to protect your unit and safeguard their belongings around the clock. Each system is built using the latest in CAD technology and refined over several testing phases to ensure performance.
  • We’re committed to long-term value: Beyond the durability of our products, we’re also committed to providing you with long-term value for your investment in our products. This means you can contact our experts at any time to discuss the product and potential future upgrades.
Our team is here to guide you in achieving the optimal storage product for your facility. To learn more, call us directly at 951.371.7730.


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