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Heavy-duty wire mesh products are designed for robust performance in a range of commercial applications. Their use is primarily focused within the security sector, where they offer high caliber protection as part of a fencing space for schools, military facilities and other high-security spaces. Working with the team here at Cal-Wire means you have access to the finest minds within the heavy-duty wire mesh manufacturing space. We can respond to all application challenges with high-performance design and superior material quality.

Applications for our heavy-duty wire mesh systems include:

  • Mining processes
  • Construction processes
  • Fencing
  • Machine protection
Previous Next Companies choose our heavy-duty wire mesh products because they are reinforced with high-durability material, and designed for lasting performance and limited maintenance in high-priority facility areas. Where applications require the highest levels of strength and rigidity, companies choose heavy-duty wire mesh systems from Cal-Wire.

Benefits of Wire mesh System

  • Consolidated turaround times: We work to deliver refined heavy-duty wire mesh products within market-leading turnaround times. We understand the value these materials can bring to client facilities and so we deploy our team immediately when contacted by a client. We’ll begin the consultation process and then move forward with the 3D design work upon specification approval from the client.
  • Proven industry reputation: Our team has worked within the wire mesh manufacturing industry since 1948, and we’re well-known throughout the country for our understanding on application requirements. This means if you’re choosing a heavy-duty wire mesh product, you can reduce the production time considerably by choosing Cal-Wire. Our team is available around the clock and has the experience to answer any question.
  • Design expertise: Our design expertise in unparalleled. We work with the latest 3D rendering technology to ensure each element of your heavy-duty wire mesh product is crafted according to strict parameters. This ensure you receive the ideal product for your application, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable engineering challenges.
Our heavy-duty wire mesh product line is built to safeguard your facility and your team. To begin a new wire mesh building project with a specialist, call us today at 951.371.7730.


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