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Automated equipment poses a significant danger in the modern industrial company. Across the country, thousands of people are injured each year by machinery. It’s important that teams are protected against this challenge using the latest in wire mesh partition systems. That’s why many businesses are now utilizing the expertise of the team at Cal-Wire to build refined wire mesh machine guarding equipment.


Wire mesh machine guarding / fencing applications:

  • Containing malfunctioning equipment.
  • Creating a barrier between the user and the machine.
  • Spark protection.

Cal-Wire has become a leader for superior quality wire mesh machine guarding products because we continually assess the marketplace and ensure the products we build meet the highest of standards. We know the challenges that our clients across the marketplace face and build robust, resilient guard products in direct response to their ongoing safety issues.

Benefits of Wire mesh machine guarding :

Firms choose our machine guarding products because:

  • We offer the finest wire mesh partition system in the industry: Our experienced team delivers clients the highest quality wire mesh products found in the marketplace today. We harness the latest in CAD and 3D technology to manage the building and design phases and to ensure the product meets our clients’ requirements with precision. We use only the finest materials in constructing machine guarding systems, ensuring each system conforms to the market’s highest safety standards.
  • We assure long-term ROI: One of the more critical elements of our working process is ensuring each client achieves a lasting return on investment in their guarding system. We provide full pre-sale and post-sales services to support the client in using the system effectively. Our work means our customers can rest assured that their team members are protected when using their machinery for years to come.
  • We are highly experienced: With over 70 years’ experience as an industry driver, we’re moving the marketplace forward by building the market’s best machine guarding products. Our experienced team has a clear insight on the challenges customers face and use our vast knowledge and experience to create truly unparalleled machine guarding products.

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