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Window Safety Guards

Woven wire window guards are designed to provide lasting protection to a broad range of organizations. They can help owners of churches, businesses, and industrial buildings to safeguard their property and secure their assets against damage. In choosing window guards, it’s imperative the product is designed for robust performance. For this reason,50 many clients are now choosing window guards through our trusted team here at Cal-Wire.

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Window Guards Applications:

  • Protection for school windows.
  • Protection for commercial windows.
  • Sturdy protection for industrial settings.
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Instalation of windows guards.

One of the leading benefits of turning to the team here at Cal-Wire for quality window guards is we can optimize the thickness of the wire product for the level of protection required. For example, in an industrial setting a company may require a thicker wire system for robust protection against theft and break-ins. Our window guards set the standards for performance and are designed in conjunction with experienced engineers to mitigate long-standing security challenges for our clientele.

Our Cal-Wire window guards meet the latest industry requirements to ensure they are up to safety codes. This adds extra protection for the customers installing them and for the individuals it is protecting.


Benefits of Window Guards

Turn to Cal-Wire for:

  • Design leadership: Over our 70+ years in the marketplace, we’ve developed a clear understanding on the design parameters for quality window guards. We use this experience to create unparalleled products that offer proven levels of performance in a range of applications.
  • Swift turaround times: We know that property security is a priority. That’s why we use the latest in CAD programs to ensure each of the window guards we produce is built to the highest of standards in a quick timeframe. Building owners across the region now depend on Cal-Wire window guards to secure their entire property.
  • Problem solving: We’re problem-solving experts. There’s no challenge we haven’t faced over our decades in the marketplace, and so we can help respond to any unique issue clients might be experiencing within their buildings.

To learn more on the full range of window guards available, speak with a company expert now at 877.214.4078.


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