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Our wire products are designed for robust performance within high-demand security applications. We know the challenges organizations across the United States face in safeguarding assets, and we deploy our technology and our engineering expertise to build customized security cages using superior wire systems. Our customization expertise means we can build wire mesh cages to any size and with any style of opening.


Wire cages for commercial applications include:

  • DEA cage security
  • Security transportation
  • Animal care wire storage cages
  • Evidence cages
  • Display caging for zoos

A primary reason for using Cal-Wire’s superior quality wire products for these types of caging applications is that we can build robust products according to the leading industry specification. We work with you from the first point of contact to understand the challenges you face within your security application and then engineer a cage product to respond to these inherent challenges. Whether you face environment-related challenges or require a product that can withstand direct impact from a person or animals, Cal-Wire has the required wired storage cage system for your application demands.

Benefits of commercial Wire cages

Here are a few benefits of Cal-wire’s Wire mesh storage cages:

  • Superior alternative to stock product: Our custom wire cages are a superior alternative to the stock products on the marketplace. We know that you cannot take a risk with your cage needs. We build our custom wire system completely to your specifications with custom-designed openings that can give your team complete confidence in the cage’s performance.
  • Built throug decades of experience: Our team has over 70 years’ experience within the wire product manufacturing field. This ensures we understand all demands, as well as the performance characteristics of each of our products. It also means we can mitigate long-term maintenance challenges and build a cage system that offers ideal performance for years to come.
  • Cost effective: Since our cages are built using the highest quality, low maintenance wiring products, we can help your company reduce its short-term and long-term costs.

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Our team is ready to respond to each of your wire cage demands. To learn more on our product line, call us now at 951.371.7730.


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