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Three Reasons Why Wire Storage Cages Are A Worthwhile Storage Investment

11/18/2019 0 Comments uncategorized

Whether you’re managing a professional warehouse, or merely need a place to store excess documents and other items which don’t fit in your office, you probably utilize storage spaces as part of your business.  These storage systems need to be secured, and wire storage cages are among the best options on the market.  Inexpensive to purchase and implement, wire storage systems bring plenty of advantages and very few drawbacks.

Three Reasons to Invest in Wire Storage Cages

1. Maintaining inventory control

Wire mesh cages are a perfect balance between being able to see and access your stock while preventing any loss.  Well-crafted mesh cages cannot be easily defeated, not without heavy-duty tools, and easily secured with a variety of locks and access devices.  There’s very little chance of items going missing, whether accidentally or deliberately. 

At the same time, since you can see through the mesh, it does not interfere with taking inventory or with watching over the items for damage.  It is also an excellent option for securing pieces of equipment that are expensive, or at risk of being tampered with.

2. Preventing physical damage 

Surrounding your racks with wire cages helps ensure stock remains in place, even in the event of a mishap such as a forklift backing into a rack.  The mesh cage will act as a safety net, holding the stock in place and preventing it from falling.  

Along the same lines, since most mesh cages have a bit of ‘give’ to them, they can be safer for the heavy equipment as well.  A forklift can rebound off the cage with less damage done to it, as opposed to running into something like a solid wall.

3. Protecting your workers

Of course, not only the stock needs to be protected.  The wire storage cages will also protect your workers from a mishap, and significantly reduce the chances of injuries occurring due to falling items.  They will be considerably safer, compared to working around open unshielded shelves.

In turn, this means fewer injury claims, and likely lower insurance costs as well.

Cal-Wire Can Serve All Your Wire Mesh Needs

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