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By working with California Wire Products and integrating the highest quality wire mesh railing systems, your business can improve structural safety and support its workforce for the years ahead. Our experienced team is equipped to handle your full range of wire mesh requirements.


Why clients trust California Wire Products for railing systems:


California Wire Products has become a known leader within the wire mesh products marketplace. We only harness the highest quality materials to ensure clients achieve full value for their investment. And we hire only the most experienced engineers to design and build our systems, keeping our promise of performance and quality to our loyal clientele.



Our complete selection includes:


Wire mesh stair railing products


The wire mesh systems for a stair railing are designed to support the railing and prevent items from falling through. In buildings with an open floor plan, stairs with an open railing may become a safety risk if small children can fit underneath or a product falls from a height out of a person’s pocket. The stair railing systems we deliver are designed harnessing wire mesh, which supports optimal rigidity and robust structural performance.


Wire mesh deck railing


The wire mesh deck railing products help to enhance the design of the deck space while improving the area’s safety. Our wire mesh infill panels help mitigate the potential for trips and falls from the deck space, ensuring that all members of the family are able to use the deck safely for the years ahead.


Wire mesh railing system


Our wire mire mesh railing systems can be used in a range of applications, from the family home to the industrial facility to prevent safety risks in high areas and support the underlying structural integrity of the property. It’s important to consult with our trusted experts today to learn more about the potential wire mesh railing options available!

It’s the leading product selection available within the wire mesh marketplace. To discover more about the wire mesh railing systems and infill panels that we offer, please call our team now. An expert from our team is ready to help you build a customized system.



Benefits of Wire Mesh Railing:


  • Durable performance: Our wire mesh systems are tested carefully against the industry’s highest standards to ensure that each achieves expected performance levels. We build products from quality wire-mesh and refine the design process until we’re completely satisfied with product performance.


  • Customization options: We’ve supported thousands of clients in sourcing the highest quality infill panels for their applications. We build products using the desired mesh material with the optimal diameter of wire and sheet size for the client. It’s just one way in which we minimize maintenance issues and help clients source that ideal product in a fast turnaround time.


  • Industry experience: Our brand has been a recognized leader since 1948, and so we’ve proven our understanding on wire mesh performance over many decades. We’re the best in the business for quality wire mesh products and clients can depend on an experience workforce at their side around the clock when they turn to Cal-Wire.

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