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Contractors Know the Value in Working with Welded Wire Mesh Manufacturers

01/31/2020 0 Comments uncategorized

Many of the uses for wire mesh are quite obvious – you see them everywhere.  Fences, guard rails, anti-theft measures, greenery protection, and more.  Steel wire mesh is an excellent way of creating barriers which are effective at keeping people or larger animals out, but while maintaining visibility and airflow.

However, a large part of the wire mesh in this world is hidden out of sight – because it’s integrated into the creation of structures!  Building contractors have long partnered with welded wire mesh manufacturers to help reinforce their creations, and the result is better buildings.

How Welded Wire Mesh Manufacturers Contribute to Better Construction

The most common usage of welded wire mesh is as a way of reinforcing concrete construction, where it’s used in a manner similar to rebar.  After laying down the framework into which the concrete will be poured, the contractor places an appropriately sized welded wire mesh in the middle.  Then the concrete is poured around it.

When the concrete hardens, the mesh will be embedded in the middle.  This significantly increases durability, shock resistance, and can even help prevent cracking due to changes in temperature and\or moisture levels!

There are plenty of famous structures which used this approach.  For example:

  • US highways:  Beginning with the Pennsylvania Turnpike in the 1950s, countless US roads, highways, and Interstates have been constructed with welded wire mesh embedded within the asphalt.  These are among the most reliable roads in the country.
  • Runway design:  Some of the busiest airports in the world, such as Chicago O’Hare and Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental, reinforce their runways with welded wire mesh.  They need to, when they can see more than a thousand departing flights every day!
  • Sports stadiums:  Many stadiums, such as the Seattle Seahawks’ CenturyLink Field, use pre-cast concrete as the basis for their stands.  Reinforcing it with welded wire mesh allow far more spectators to safely enjoy the show, keeping them safe even in the case of a natural disaster.
  • The Pacific Park Plaza Building:  Following the disastrous San Francisco earthquake of 1989, this was one of the few skyscrapers left effectively unscathed.  Its sturdy construction, with wire mesh reinforced concrete, is widely considered to be why.

Welded wire mesh is used around the world because it’s safe, effective, and affordable.  On average, it’s 20% less expensive than alternative methods for reinforcing concrete and is also substantially easier to implement as well.  In fact, at least half of all reinforced concrete projects in Europe utilize welded wire mesh, and there are similar numbers in America.

In short, welded wire mesh manufacturers can make your project better – and Cal-Wire is the supplier trusted by contractors across America.  Since 1948, we’ve delivered top-quality products.  Contact us to learn more.


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