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If You’re Storing These Items in Your Warehouse, They Must Be Secured

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No warehouse can lock up all the goods in stock.  That would be inefficient and slow worker productivity to a crawl.  However, there are some goods, machinery, and other items which need to be kept secure.  It might be for the safety of your workforce, or to prevent loss of easily stolen items.  Either way, you need secure containment options – such as wire-mesh cages – to keep everyone safe, while still allowing access when necessary.

Here are just a few of the items that need additional protection, if they’re in your warehouse.

The following items are items that need protection within your warehouse

1. Pharmaceuticals

Storing any sorts of pharmaceutical chemicals in a warehouse is always a tricky business.  For one thing, many of them have strict limitations on what temperatures they store them in and may require a climate-controlled area to remain undamaged.  They usually also need to be kept on specific medically approved contaminant-free shelving.  Plus, some pharmaceuticals have significant resell value and can be highly tempting for sticky-fingered workers – particularly given how easy pill bottles are to slip into a pocket.

Often, storing pharmaceuticals requires several levels of protection – and a locked cage should be among them.

2. Electronics

Electronics also require special handling, due to how sensitive they can be to electro-static discharge.  They should always be kept on shelving, which resists static buildup, such as plastic.  Some form of de-humidifier is also a good idea.  Plus, as with pharmaceuticals, many smaller electronics have high resell value and need to be kept securely locked away from everyday workers.

3. Gas canisters

Anything potentially explosive needs to be kept well away from other stock, particularly anything which may cause a spark.  Flammable material is one application where wire mesh cages work exceptionally well when the wire has a plastic coating.  Cages can create plenty of separation between the items inside, and anything on the outside, which might damage them.

4. Vital equipment

Any major machinery needed to keep your operation running, such as any electrical generators, definitely needs extra protection.  Heavy-duty wire mesh machine guarding systems will keep out anyone who doesn’t need to be fiddling with such things while utilizing locking mechanisms that keep them accessible when needed.

Cal-Wire Has What You Need

Cal-Wire has your solutions for protecting racks and items within your warehouses.  Contact our team to discuss our extensive options of wire-mesh cages and machine guarding systems.


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