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Proper Inspection of Your Racking Systems Helps Protect Your Inventory

10/10/2019 0 Comments uncategorized

When operating a warehouse, periodic inspections of the racks are a must.  Not only to verify stock but to ensure your racking system is sturdy and free of damage.  If a rack were to fail, it could be catastrophic – damaging large amounts of stock, and potentially harming anyone nearby.

You can minimize the potential for damage by installing pallet racking protectors, such as guardrails or mesh cages, but basic entropy will start to wear away on your racks.  So, it’s a good idea to inspect them regularly.  Here are a few tips for doing the job well.

Three Tips for Better Inspection of Your Warehouse Racking Systems

1. Have a consistent method

A formulaic approach to inspecting racks is almost always the right call; it ensures each rack receives the same amount of attention.  Working from the ground up is usually a good approach.  Start with the baseplates and anchors, then work your way upwards and laterally through the columns and bracers, before ultimately inspecting the upper shelf.

There’s no single “best” way here – having a set system is more important than trying to optimize it perfectly.  Create a checklist; that will help workers move thoroughly through every inspection job.

2. Be sure the right tools are readily available

The person(s) tasked with inspecting your racks should never have to go searching for the tools they need.  House these tools somewhere visible, and near to the warehouse floor.  In particular, the job calls for:

  • Flashlights, particularly for inspecting dark corners and looking beneath racks.
  • Cameras for documenting any issues.  Have one dedicated camera; don’t let workers use their cellphones or other non-standard devices.
  • Plumb-bob or laser level, for verifying all uprights are correctly oriented.
  • Pen, clipboard, and\or tablet, for writing down notes and other documentation.

3. Create a spreadsheet

Finally, have a plan for what to do with the information from your inspection.  We recommend creating a spreadsheet that includes all the various racks and their components, along with space for notes on any problems found.  This spreadsheet will make tracking and repairing issues much easier or help you spot trends that suggest more significant issues.

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