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Our team at California Wire Products specializes in fabricating and customizing quality stainless steel wire mesh products for clients across the marketplace. Our brand is one of the leaders in the field and we can respond to your application needs with precision.


The fabrication process:

  • Stainless steel wire mesh can be divided into two separate subcategories – woven wire mesh panels and welded wire mesh. It can also be further categorized by weaving types, including crimped wire mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, and chain link fence.
  • The wire mesh panels can also be shaped depending on the application and may include square mesh, rectangular mesh, and diamond mesh shapes.

Benefits of Wire Mesh Panels :

Our team at California Wire Products is now capitalizing on the inherent benefit of stainless steel wire mesh within our applications. These benefits include:

  • Corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent aesthetics.
  • Durability.
  • Flexibility.

It’s important to work with our team at California Wire Products to choose a style of stainless steel wire mesh for your specific in-house application. The product is now used in the following applications, among many others:

  • Animal fencing.
  • Storage lockers.
  • Plant protection.
  • Perimeter fencing in commercial properties.
Welded wire

Our team at California Wire Products can help design a stainless steel wire mesh panels or products for your requirements using refined working processes and our experience in stainless steel fabrication. To discover more about our products and services, call today.


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