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How is Stainless-Steel Wire Mesh Made?

05/01/2019 0 Comments uncategorized
Stainless-steel wire mesh is widely considered one of the most suitable materials for manufacturing wire cages, security barriers, and other products that require durability and strength. But how is stainless-steel wire mesh made, and what processes does the material go through in creating the finished product? Our team at California Wire Products has experience manufacturing wire mesh products and today we’ll highlight the wire mesh manufacturing process. What is wire mesh? Wire mesh is a metal screen combining parallel rows and intersecting columns of wire. The material comes in a range of shapes and sizes and can be customized for use with several applications throughout the commercial and industrial markets. How is stainless steel wire mesh made? A welder will typically join the intersecting wires together. They will then progressively draw down stainless steel in a series of round dies until the required diameter has been achieved. What are the types of wire mesh? There are two types of wire mesh that are common throughout the industries: woven wire mesh and welded wire mesh.
  • Woven wire mesh
Woven wire mesh has a number of intersecting wires and is patterned similarly to woven cloth. The wires are woven over and under perpendicular wires to produce a sheet. This style of weaving is called “plain weave mesh”. In applications where flexibility is a leading consideration, twill weave is a great option. Twill weave involves weaving the wire over two perpendicular wires, then under the next set of two wires.
  • Welded wire mesh
Welded wire mesh has intersecting wire columns and rows that are welded together at the intersection. As the mesh is fed through the welding machine, a parallel line of welds is created simultaneously at the point where the perpendicular lines meet. This process continues until the optimal size of wire mesh product is created. The product is then cut to create a flat and rigid wire mesh sheet. Turn to California Wire Products for all stainless-steel wire mesh requirements By working with a trusted manufacturer of wire mesh panels such as California Wire Products, you can reduce the time and the cost involved in sourcing quality wire mesh. Our team has decades of experience in manufacturing woven and welded wire mesh products and can craft custom material specifically for your applications. To discover more about our company and the full assortment of services we offer, please call us today.  

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