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Wire Mesh Panel Applications

08/14/2021 0 Comments uncategorized

Welded wire mesh is a pre-fabricated grid made of stainless steel or low carbon wires, as the name implies. Flattening and soldering together high-quality carbon stainless steel wires creates the design. It is extensively used today due to its high production rate, simple design, and ease of transportation.


The welded wire mesh materials are welded properly at each contact, resulting in a consistent and long-lasting structure suited for a wide range of applications.


For example, wire mesh panels made from steel are available in standard-sized panels for modular deployment configurations. They offer protection and security in a range of applications in warehouse, factory, and distribution activities.The panels can be used to create a free-standing structure by bolting posts into the flooring, or they can be connected to existing structures like pallet racks. However, security and protection are not the only applications of wire mesh panels.The different types of wire mesh panels—galvanized, plain steel, stainless steel, and copper—can be used for other applications as well. The following are some key applications of the different types of wire mesh panels.


1. Securing the Area Around Automated Equipment and Machinery

Steel mesh panels and poles can be used to create a fence around automated devices, like robotic arms or other automated equipment, to keep people out of the way.


2. Preventing Theft of Inventory

Free-standing cages built from steel mesh panels and poles with limited access through a man-door built of the same materials can be used to store high-value goods. Alternatively, fixed wire mesh panels can be attached to the rack rails and support on the rear,sides, and front of industrial steel pallet rack bays. Access is usually via a sliding panel (in tight aisle applications) or one that opens out into the aisle (aisles of standard width).


3. As Dividers

Maintaining adequate separation between machining applications in industries where machines are frequently employed around the clock to perform complicated operations is critical.Industries and businesses are using welded wire mesh panels to divide tiny sections of machining and client rooms.Welded Wire Mesh Panels are known for their great durability and flexibility, so they can simply be moved in and out of spaces based on the specific needs of the day’s workspace.


4. Creating an Upscale Look in High-End Restaurants or Residences

Metal and alloy Wire Mesh Panels are often used to give an upscale effect, especially in high-
end restaurants and residences.

As seen above, the different types of wire mesh panels can be used for a range of applications.

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