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Why Woven Wire Mesh Fences Make Sense for Many Businesses

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For any business which sits on a substantial piece of land, security is of utmost importance – and it starts with your fencing!  You have many choices in the type of fence you use to protect your property from intruders, and while there’s no single right choice in every situation, woven wire mesh fences are one of the best all-around options.

It’s an affordable choice which brings a lot of benefits and relatively few drawbacks.

Four Reasons Woven Wire Mesh Fences Are A Great All-Around Security Choice

1. Low maintenance needs

Like fences made from steel or other tough metals, a typical mesh fence is not easily damaged.  When properly anchored in the ground, it can potentially even stop a car!  Its open design is also beneficial in terms of maintenance since most smaller debris can pass through.  This substantially reduces the need for cleaning and repainting, compared to solid fencing.

2. Better visibility

Sometimes you do have a legitimate need to deploy opaque fencing for privacy or security… but if not, the added visibility of mesh wire can be a major benefit.  This visibility allows you to see who’s on the edges of your property, watch income vehicles, and more, without the need for extensive external camera coverage.  If you need cameras, then place them inside the fence where they’re safer!

3. Easy installation

Woven wire mesh fences are affordable from the start, thanks to a simple manufacturing process.  However, the cost-savings also extend to installation.  These fences are quick and easy for even relatively inexperienced crews to set up, so you’ll save on your construction costs as well.

4. Many choices in weave types

There are a lot of different weaves and wire gauges, so it’s easy to find a great mesh fence design to meet your specific needs.  If you’re concerned about people attempting to climb the fence and don’t want to install razor wire on top, you can get fencing with smaller holes that deny any sort of foothold.  Alternatively, use wider holes for a more inviting look for visitors.

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