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What is Stainless Steel Wire Mesh?

05/08/2019 0 Comments uncategorized
Many companies are dependant on stainless-steel wire mesh to provide high caliber performance protection and performance. For this post, we’re highlighting the benefits of stainless-steel wire mesh and we will explore what makes the product so valuable. Stainless steel wire mesh production Steel is used produced to create carbon steel, which is an alloy combining iron and carbon. The challenge associated with iron is that the metal rusts easily when exposed to the air. Decades ago companies begin using stainless-steel for their wire mesh production as a way to ensure their metal components were rust-resistant. While stainless-steel comprises a large amount of iron, it also includes 11.5% chromium, which is the element that turns steel into stainless steel. Chromium counteracts the rust qualities of iron and protects stainless steel products against the effects of oxidation. The benefits of stainless steel for wire mesh manufacturing Within the wire mesh manufacturing industry, stainless-steel has become a critical manufacturing material as it is reliable, sturdy, and durable. Since the material is also rust-resistant, it can also be used in various outdoor applications. For example, stainless-steel wire mesh can be used in fencing applications, and as a security barrier protecting the outside of your building. It’s an addition to your facility that will offer long-lasting protection and exceptional value. Turn to California Wire Products for stainless-steel wire mesh Companies throughout the manufacturing industries are now working with our team at California Wire Products to source high-quality stainless-steel wire. We offer some of the most affordable wire mesh material and can help you consolidate your costs significantly with our products. By choosing wire mesh from California Wire Products, companies know they can find custom solutions for their manufacturing challenges. We work with our clients to help ensure they have access to custom stainless-steel wire mesh designed precisely for their applications. We also consult with our clients throughout the manufacturing process to ensure they have the information they need to make informed choices. We’re offering a market-leading service created to support clients throughout the manufacturing fields. To learn more about our company and our stainless-steel wire mesh products, please contact us today.      

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