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What is mesh sheet?

02/02/2021 0 Comments news
  Wire mesh sheets are a versatile, durable tool with tons of commercial applications. Since 1948, Cal-Wire has been one of the most trusted sources for stainless steel wires, mesh, and similar products. Cal-Wire’s wire mesh sheets provide a robust physical barrier that keeps your team and assets safe while also cost-effective.  

How are they made?

  We use high-quality stainless steel to produce products that meet our customers’ specifications. The mesh can be woven or welded and can be sized based on your specific needs. The mesh sheet size will depend on its particular application and can range from fractions of an inch or larger depending on the application. Our sheets can be cut from prefabricated rolls or manufactured to meet desired specifications. All of our wire mesh sheets are also resistant to corrosion, aesthetically pleasing, durable and flexible.   Cal-Wire’s wire mesh sheets are trusted to provide secure and functional barriers for a variety of settings. Here are just a few examples:  

Partition walls

  Partition walls provide durable yet affordable solutions for ensuring safety in secure locations. Partition walls can be fabricated from a number of different wire meshes including welded, woven, and crimped steel.  

Wire mesh panels

  Wire mesh sheets provide a sleek, durable solution for railing infill panels. Combining an aesthetically-pleasing design with the safety of durable stainless steel, our wire mesh infill panels are ideal for creating a cutting edge look on indoor or outdoor railings.  

Wire mesh storage cages

  Wire mesh is the perfect material for commercial storage and security cages. All of our cages are built to meet our clients’ specific requirements, which allows them to perform better than stock cages on the market. Plus, their expert stainless steel construction means they are built to last, saving money in the short and long term.  

Wire mesh lockers

  Our wire storage lockers and wire mesh lockers provide the security needed to protect your most valuable assets. Our wire mesh storage systems offer ventilation and access to fire protection systems without sacrificing strength and durability. Our Storage TA-50 model has been trusted for years as the preferred locker system used on military bases.  

Wire mesh machine guarding

  Our strong wire mesh sheets provide the ideal solution for reducing risk in industrial settings. Our wire mesh machine guards provide high levels of injury protection without impeding machine performance or maintenance needs.  

Pallet racking protection

  Cal-Wire’s pallet racking protection systems ensure that our clients’ products are secure, reducing damage, product loss, and potential injury. Our experienced designers and installers will make sure that your warehouse operations are at peak performance.  

Window guards

  Cal-Wire’s wire mesh window guards provide the perfect combination of security and functionality for all business types. The durable design provides long-lasting protection and functionality. Click here to get a free quote.  

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