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What is a gauge in wire mesh?

03/15/2021 0 Comments news
Wire mesh gauge is the measurement of the diameter of each wire used to make the mesh. As you shop for suitable wire mesh for any purpose, you first need to know how thick they are, depending on your needs. If you are searching for an industrial mesh, you will need one with a thicker diameter, and if it is for DIY projects, you probably need a thinner one that will be easy to manipulate. Regardless, it would be best if you calculated the diameter before purchasing it. Here are three ways you can find out the wire mesh gauge that will satisfy your needs.  

American Wire Gauge approach

AWG is a unit for calculating the size of a wire, and the approach acts as a guide to various basic sizes for a strip, metal sheet, and wires. To gauge your wire mesh, you have to establish the number of dies a wire passes through production. Keep in that the wire diameter doubles in every six-gauge increase. In this approach, you need to apply the formula D(AWG)= .005·92 ((36-AWG)/39) inch to establish the gauge of a wire mesh. With this, you can calculate the diameter of any wire and show its strength and overall mesh size.  

Measurement using gauges

Commercially, you can determine wire diameter using a circular plate device called a gauge, which has notches of different width all around its edges that receive sheets of metal or wires of varying thicknesses. Each of these notches has a number stamped below them indicating the wire’s diameter placed inside them. To use it, you need to try out the gaps to find the one that fits well, and then you read the number printed below that notch. This number is the diameter or thickness of your wire.  

Manual calculation

For this approach, you first need to lay down the mesh on a flat surface, followed by measuring a one-square-inch section and marking it with a permanent marker to avoid counting mistakes. You then need to count the number of mesh square rows within the one-inch-square space. After you have established this, use the formula Mesh size=25.4/ (wire diameter+ hole size) to determine size per square inch.   Cal-wire prides itself in consistently producing the best quality wire mesh since 1948. We are one of America’s top sources for stainless steel wires, mesh, and associated products. For additional information, contact us or visit us at our main office in California, United States.  

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