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Understanding the Welding Process of Stainless-Steel Wire Mesh

06/10/2019 0 Comments uncategorized
Welding stainless-steel wire mesh requires a significant amount of precision. Our team at California Wire Products has decades of experience with welding and mesh products. In this new post, we highlight the welding process for stainless-steel wire mesh. Spot welding – One great option is spot welding, which involves the use of a roller electrode to shape the wire mesh. MIG welding – Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding is effective for the joining of stainless-steel wire and mesh. This process uses an electrical arc with a mix of argon and CO2 to prevent contamination of the weld. TIG welding – TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding is similar to MIG welding but instead of using a consumable welding rod, the welder harnesses a non-consumable tungsten rod and a consumable filler rod. TIG welding requires a superior level of skill compared with MIG welding, simply because of the precision required. Some companies are now working with automated TIG welding machines to simplify the process. Silver soldering – Many use silver soldering with stainless-steel wire mesh to support optimal rigidity and durability when welding joints. The low thermal conductivity of stainless steel makes it suitable for the soldering process as molten solder is less likely to flow away from the target area. What to consider when choosing stainless-steel wire mesh professional Now that you know more about the options for the wire mesh soldering process, the next step is to choose a professional who can take on some of the soldering work for you. Consider the following factors when evaluating the service providers:
  • Experience with wire mesh
Wire mesh soldering work can be a delicate process that requires precision. Make sure your service provider has experience working with wire mesh in various processes.
  • Project goals
Make sure you evaluate the goals of your soldering project with the service provider. What level of durability do you require from the wire and mesh and in what application will the wire mesh be used?
  • Pricing
With the complexity involved in processes such as TIG welding, it can become costly for small businesses. Make sure you have a budget in mind and a clear indication of pricing before moving forward. California Wire Products Has You Covered Our team at California Wire Products is here to guide your wire mesh soldering project. To discover more about our company and our services, contact us today.      

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