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How Pallet Rack Protection Prevents Accidents at Work?

07/14/2021 0 Comments uncategorized

There is no place for compromise when it comes to your workers' safety and well-being. And,
when it comes to preventable recordable injuries, all that can be done should be done.
While there is a lot to take care of in your facility, pallet rack protection should be a top priority
for anybody who works with or around pallet racks. The continuous movement of people,
products, and equipment in warehouses creates the ideal atmosphere for damage and
accidents to get overlooked.

However, the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 mandates companies to provide
employees with a workplace free of known risks.
While OSHA continues to encourage businesses and employees to minimize occupational risks,
it does not provide clear guidelines when it comes to pallet rack protection and damage. As a
result, businesses and warehouse managers need to recognize the dangers of pallet racking
and take proactive measures to avoid it.
The following is how pallet rack protection can help businesses and warehouses to prevent
accidents at work.

1. Proper Aisle Spacing

To avoid needless interaction and impact, a proper rack layout is essential. Pallet racking
protectors provide optimum rack spacing based on your facility's size, inventory load, forklift
turning radius, and other variables.

2. Industrial Guard Rails

Industrial guard rails are a type of barrier that may be put around mezzanines, pallet racks,
heavy equipment, and other similar structures to prevent forklifts or other machinery from
colliding with them. It is one of the key benefits of pallet racking protectors in a warehouse.
When driving huge motorized trucks with little visibility in front of you, it is easy to inadvertently
run into a column of pallet rack. Even the tiniest collision can destroy expensive machinery or,
worse, cause a pallet rack to collapse, injuring everyone in sight.
These guard rails are also available as End of Aisle rack protection to safeguard interior walls
when storing merchandise or mounting pallets before shipping.

3. Double Post Design

The double post design is a great example of enhanced safety with pallet racking protectors’
applications. The impact protection of the bottom section of the column is effectively doubled
with the design of the double post. They are also known as reinforced or "boxed" columns.

4. Column Post Protectors

These post guards protect rack uprights against forklift damage, extending the life of your rack
while also safeguarding your stock and, most importantly, your workers.

5. Bollards

Because they are physical obstacles, bollards are always useful and considerably more
impactful than signs or warning lights. Although drivers may be tempted to disregard or defy
other indications, they will not attempt to move around, through, or over a bollard because they
are aware of the inherent physical hazards and the possibility of significant injury to themselves
or their vehicles.

Pallet racking protectors, when used in tandem with safety best practices, can substantially
improve warehouse safety in a short period.

At Cal-Wire, our pallet racking protectors can help you save money on maintenance while
protecting your workers. We have decades of experience developing and manufacturing high-
quality protectors and can advise you on which type is ideal for your operation. With us, the
safety of your workers and inventory is assured.


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