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How Is Stainless Steel Mesh Made?

11/25/2022 0 Comments stainless-steel-mesh , wire-mesh

Stainless steel wire mesh is a versatile product useful in various applications. Its capacity to be drawn into wires is impressive. That, coupled with its flexibility and tensile strength, makes steel wires very useful. Since stainless steel is particularly rust-resistant and sturdy, it makes for an ideal choice due to its diverse uses. 

Wire mesh is one of the easiest products we get from steel and is also the earliest. They are made using stainless steel and have been in use for several centuries in one way or another. The ever-growing social economies across the globe have found many unique uses for steel wire mesh like barricading, running machines’ safety covers, grills, shelves, sifters, cages, etc. 

However, one critical function of wire mesh is that it acts as concrete reinforcement. All steel wire mesh manufacturing companies make the mesh through weaving or welding.

Weaved Wire Mesh

Weaved-type wire mesh is made using a spinning technique that uses single wires aligned vertically and horizontally, creating a 90-degree angle with one another. You can take either single or double strands of stainless steel mesh wire per weave based on the pattern you wish to achieve. This kind of spun weaving is done using automated machines that are run on a program and can deliver fast-paced weaves. Flexibility is the top attribute in all weaved style steel wire mesh.

Welded Wire Mesh

A precise, semi-automatic welding machine makes welded wire mesh using stainless steel. These machines feature a chamber capable of delivering exact welds at calculated junctions, the point of intersection of the vertically and horizontally aligned steel wires.

One alignment of stainless steel wire is fed into the machine, and another wire perpendicular to the previous one is fed.

The machine welds together the points of intersection. After the welding process is complete, another length of cables is fed into the machine, and the same process is continued. When you achieve the desired wire mesh size, you can stop the process and cut the mesh into the required dimensions for construction or any other purpose.

What Makes Stainless Steel the Best Option for Making Wire Mesh

Stainless steel is known for its famous physical attributes like flexibility which makes it ideal for making wire mesh. Making wire mesh using stainless steel wires can help you improve overall strength and flexibility. Depending on your particular application, you can easily find both kinds of wire mesh.

If you want to use wire mesh for concrete reinforcement tasks, you will need a welded mesh made using thicker wires. For other minor projects that require more flexibility over strength, you can choose weaved wire mesh over welded wire mesh.

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