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Benefits and uses of heavy metal mesh

03/10/2021 0 Comments news

Benefits of heavy metal mesh

  Heavy-duty metal mesh starts life as a single sheet, stretched and slit to produce the classic uniform pattern of diamond-shaped holes you see in the finished product.   The heavy metal mesh is not only economical and durable, but it’s also versatile and can be used in a wide range of operations. As a result, heavy-duty metal mesh is a popular choice for commercial applications, whether you own an apartment or work in an industrial factory.   Here are some benefits of heavy metal mesh.  

1. High strength to weight ratio

  Heavy metal mesh has a high strength to weight ratio compared to other mesh forms, including welded or woven wire. Since it originates from a single sheet, its intersections aren’t cut during production, meaning they can withstand heavy loads.   Additionally, with heavy-duty metal mesh, you get to enjoy fewer maintenance issues as the lack of joints means no components can become loose over time.  

2. Anti-slip properties

  The heavy-duty metal mesh is a popular choice for safety applications such as walkways as the crossing points provide excellent traction underfoot.  

3. Excellent conductivity

  The heavy-duty metal mesh is highly conductive, making it a good conductor of electricity, magnetic flux, and thermal heat. This is because its production process lacks breaks or welds that can impact the connection.  

4. Sustainable production

  During the manufacturing of heavy-duty metal mesh, no metal is lost. Additionally, the metal’s production process combines the latest technology with traditional methods to minimize material waste. At times, manufacturers use recycled materials, and the end material is recyclable along with any waste.  

5. Easy to install

  The heavy-duty metal mesh is lightweight, making it an easy-to-install option for security applications such as fences and gates.  

6. Light fantastic

  The textured heavy-duty metal mesh angles make it a great option to reflect, control lighting, and diffuse or absorb natural light. That’s why many industries use heavy metal mesh for architectural solar screens and facades, and antiglare panels.  

7. Flexibility

  The heavy-duty metal mesh is a flexible material that can be formed, pressed, framed, corrugated, or welded into the end product. So, if you want a custom product that meets your project’s specifications, you can have your heavy metal mesh customized to fit your needs.  

Need heavy-duty metal mesh?

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