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A Guide to The Use of Gauges When Working with Woven Wire Mesh

03/15/2019 0 Comments uncategorized
Are you having a hard time determining the right size of gauge for your woven wire mesh project? Then you might find our latest post useful. In this post, we’re exploring the importance of the gauge in working with woven wire mesh and we’ll provide you with the information you need to make the right selection. The origins of gauges Originally, gauges referred to the number of draws used within the wire fencing manufacturing process. The first wire draw was called 1 gauge, the second 2 gauge. It’s the reason thick wires used in woven wire mesh have a lower gauge number than thin wires. The higher the number, the narrower the gauge The first thing you should note when working with woven wire mesh is that the higher the gauge number, the narrower the size of the opening within the fence. Welded and woven wire mesh fencing tend to have a larger 14-gauge style to accommodate airflow and support the demands within the safety application. Common gauge sizes The following are commonly used gauge sizes in inches when working with woven wire mesh fencing and cages:
  • 5 gauge – 0.155 inch
  • 9 gauge – 0.1483 inch
  • 5 gauge – 0.128 inch
  • 11 gauge – 0.1205 inch
  • 5 gauge – 0.099 inch
  • 14 gauge – 0.080 inch
  • 16 gauge – 0.0625 inch
  • 18 gauge – 0.0475 inch
  • 20 gauge – 0.0348 inch
  • 21 gauge – 0.0317 inch
  • 23 gauge – 0.0258 inch
  • 27 gauge – 0.0173 inch
Animal guards require a narrower gauge A 14-gauge woven wire mesh would not be suitable for animal guarding applications, so if you’re operating an animal care facility and require mesh for cages, you might consider a 16-gauge mesh with only 1-inch openings to ensure safety. Working with a qualified manufacturer of woven wire mesh can help you find the right material for your project. Our team at California Wire Products has the experience and expertise to support your project. To learn more about the options, call us today.  

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