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A Guide to Generating Revenue with Tenant Storage Lockers

07/01/2019 0 Comments uncategorized

Your building requires continued maintenance to attract new tenants, which means you’re likely always looking for new revenue streams. Have you considered the value of tenant storage lockers?

Let’s explore the many benefits tenant storage locker rentals can bring to your building.

Increased revenue streams

Building owners across the country are now integrating tenant storage lockers to generate additional revenue. The lockers are affordable and simple to add to the building and each locker can help you scale your revenues over time. Renting each locker for a few hundred dollars a month will allow you to quickly generate enough revenue to improve your building.

Your tenants will appreciate the addition to the building because tenant storage lockers give them an additional option for protecting their belongings. Products built with wire mesh, for example, are designed to be highly safe against unauthorized access.

And because wire mesh is also highly flexible, you can add tenant storage lockers to your property even if the building has unique architectural constraints.

Highlights commitment to safety

Going that extra mile for your tenants can make a significant difference in their experience in your property. Tenants want to feel secure. They want to know that the building owner has their best interests in mind when making new additions to the property. Adding rental lockers can help to highlight your commitment to your tenants’ safety.

Remember to communicate the new addition directly to tenants. Highlight the value of the storage lockers and explain the rental costs in detail. This will help you to begin maximizing revenues almost immediately after adding the lockers to your building.

Work with California Wire Products for quality storage lockers

California Wire Products has decades of experience designing and building secure, durable storage lockers. We work with building owners throughout the country in creating the highest-quality lockers for their properties.

When you speak to our team, you can discuss your unique building requirements. Don’t worry – we’ll handle all elements of the design work and the construction. Our team will then build your lockers in a consolidated timeframe ready for integration into your property. Access a new revenue stream for your building. Contact our team


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