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A Guide to Choosing Stainless-Steel Wire Mesh

06/03/2019 0 Comments uncategorized
When choosing stainless-steel wire mesh products, you generally have two options: woven or welded wire mesh. To help you make the right decision and choose the optimal wire mesh for your needs, we’re offering a guide to the differences between our stainless-steel products. The advantages of woven wire mesh Woven wire mesh is chosen for a broad range of applications, from the food processing field to the water and waste treatment field. There can be several advantages to choosing woven wire mesh for your particular application. Some of these advantages include:
  • Engineered for bolting together
Woven wire mesh is engineered for simpler installation and can be bolted together for optimal strength and durability.
  • Greater flexibility
The assembly stainless-steel woven wire mesh makes the product far more flexible than other options. This is ideal for applications with challenging design requirements.
  • Easy to relocate
For companies that are building a temporary site for their application, woven wire mesh can be easier to relocate in the future. This can help reduce the cost of future installation work.
  • Simple construction
The simple construction of woven wire mesh means companies can also save time on installation, as the bolting process is easier to complete. The advantages of welded wire mesh Now let’s review the full range of benefits offered by welded wire mesh products:
  • Welded at wire intersections for strength
Welded wire mesh provides inherent strength for a number of applications because it’s welded directly at the wire intersections, providing exceptional reinforcement.
  • Welded wire mesh is lighter
Welded wire mesh is lighter than woven wire mesh and yet remains strong and secure for in-house security applications.
  • More affordable
You can reduce your initial purchase costs when you invest in welded wire mesh compared with woven wire mesh. Welded wire mesh is more affordable to produce and purchase. Turn to California Wire Products for woven and welded stainless-steel wire mesh Whether you’re buying stainless-steel wire mesh for machine protection applications or for animal cages, our team can help guide you regarding the products and the value they provide. We have many years of experience in the wire mesh industry and have helped clients across the country source quality wire mesh at affordable pricing. To discover more about our company and our products, call us today.    

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