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Your Quick Guide to Ordering Stainless-Steel Wire Mesh

09/20/2019 0 Comments uncategorized

Stainless-steel wire mesh is one of the best all-around materials for use in fencing, both indoors and outdoors.  From keeping a home’s back yard safe to protecting secured materials within a warehouse, steel mesh offers a great combination of security and visibility.  It’s also low-cost to purchase and install and requires very little ongoing maintenance!

Plus, there are plenty of different wire mesh types, so it’s relatively easy to pick the perfect product for your needs.  These are some of the essential aspects to think about when placing an order.

Important Considerations When Ordering Stainless-Steel Wire Mesh Fencing

1. Panels vs. Rolls

Broadly speaking, you can have your wire mesh delivered two ways: either pre-cut into discrete panels, or in larger rolls in whatever size you want.  Panels are much easier to work with and install, but of course, it will cost considerably more like a finished product.  Rolls will require you, or your construction contractors, to do the work in converting them into a fence.

2. Gauge 

Gauge refers to the thickness of the wires used in the mesh.  The thickness can range from ultra-fine wires, smaller than a millimeter, to extremely thick wires of multiple millimeters.  At the thick end of the spectrum, you would need a heavy-duty tool such as an angle grinder or plasma cutter to cut through!  So, the thicker the gauge, the greater the security – but the harder it is to work with, particularly if you’re getting it by the roll.

3. Rectangle vs. diamond weave

The holes in your wire mesh can be oriented either as rectangles parallel to the ground or as diamonds which are rotated 45 degrees.  The difference here is mostly just a matter of aesthetics, although rectangle weaves could be a bit easier to climb.  Both will be equally strong and resilient in practice.

4. Weave size

Finally, there’s the question of how large you want the holes in the weave to be.  The holes can vary considerably, from well less than an inch to multiple inches.  The tradeoff here is security vs. visibility.  The smaller the holes, the harder it becomes to climb or cut – but you have a harder time seeing through.

Cal-Wire Has You Covered

Not sure what stainless-steel wire mesh is right for your needs?  Our team at Cal-Wire can help!  Since 1948, we’ve been leaders in our field.  Contact us with your questions!


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