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Woven wire mesh architectural applications

03/10/2021 0 Comments news
Whether you’re planning a new project in the public space or are looking to upgrade a building to bring it up to modern-day standards, few products offer as much versatility and strength as woven wire mesh panels. Typically made from steel or similarly high-strength metals, woven wire mesh is strong enough to serve as walkway surfaces and protective barriers while enabling unparalleled airflow and vision support.  

Property protection and enhancement

  With significant strength and open spaces built directly into woven wire mesh design, it is ideal for keeping an eye on valuable property and protecting buildings from being damaged. Civil architects routinely incorporate woven wire mesh panels into their designs to enhance the building’s structural support, improve lighting, and create more natural ventilation.   Woven wire mesh is highly versatile because it can be used indoors or outdoors or for large or small projects. The simple addition of woven wire mesh to an existing building’s exterior can make it much harder for potential vandals to damage it. Creating an indoor cage of woven wire mesh can lend significant protection to valuable property.  

Public safety

  With the population of urban centers steadily increasing, the need to implement additional public safety measures along dangerous routes and spaces (such as high-traffic areas or in elevated locations) is becoming paramount. Woven wire mesh is ideal for this purpose thanks to its ability to pair considerable strength with the ability to see in all directions.   Some areas of properties need to be restricted to the public to prevent injuries from happening, and no material is better suited for this purpose than woven wire mesh panels. Install and erect the panels and rest assured in the knowledge that they will prevent the public from wandering into dangerous areas accidentally. For the safety-minded project manager, woven wire mesh is a necessity.  

Choose woven wire mesh for a unique, stunning appearance

  When incorporated into a building’s architectural design, ornately-styled woven wire mesh becomes not only part of the building’s structural stability but part of its aesthetic. The popularity of woven wire mesh with architects and designers extends into purely ornamental purposes, including sculptures and added mesh layers that render a multi-dimensional effect.   At Calwire, we understand the importance of choosing high-quality, reliable products, and we build our woven wire mesh panels with exactly that in mind. Contact California Wire products to discuss your project and start planning today.  

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