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Working with Pallet Racking Protectors: A Guide to Pallet Rack Safety

03/01/2019 0 Comments uncategorized
Pallet rack safety should be a leading consideration within your warehouse space. Oftentimes companies find that pallet racks are not as safe as they thought when an incident occurs. Taking the time to create a proactive strategy using pallet racking protectors can help safeguard your team. Let’s look at our tips for achieving full safety in working with pallet racks. Use pallet racking protectors to protect against collisions Pallet racking protectors can be used to protect racking columns in areas where loading trucks are operating. One of the potential dangers in the warehouse space is the loading truck operator backing into the column and then causing the contents of the rack to fall. Using pallet racking protectors can help protect the entire structure against impact and ensure that those working in the environment are protected, too. Ensure proper loading The loading of pallets is another consideration for ensuring rack safety. Ensure that pallets are loaded squarely on the rack and that the load is rested evenly and balanced. It’s important that load bays are not overstuffed with pallets, and that operators have enough vertical and horizontal space within the bay to safely store and retrieve products. Protect the back of the rack One area that many warehouse operators fail to consider is the back of the rack, and this area is a common safety concern. Items can fall from the back of the rack and so the back must be protected using wire mesh pallet racking protectors that are sturdy and durable. These meshes can be used to help ensure that entire skids filled with products don’t lose their load. Install pallets on level ground For pallet racking protectors to work effectively, they must be installed on racks that have been placed on level ground. Ensure the ground is level before integrating racks and you’ll achieve significant improvements in safety. Our team at California Wire Products is now offering a full range of pallet racking protectors for industrial facilities. To discover more about our company and our product line, please call us directly today.  

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