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Why You Should Use Pallet Racking Protectors

04/08/2019 0 Comments uncategorized
Within a warehouse environment, pallet racking is critical for organizing pallets and ensuring they are directed effectively throughout the space. Our team at California Wire Products offers quality pallet racking protectors and solutions. Here are some of the benefits and value that protectors can bring to your commercial space.
  • Low cost to installOne of the key benefits of pallet racking protectors is that they are simple to integrate within your warehouse space. This means you don’t need to worry about a significant investment in terms of the amount of time your team requires during installation. They can be quickly installed at a low cost and ready for use within a short time frame.
  • Minimize downtimeA leading issue for many warehouse owners is the downtime associated with damage to pallets and racks. When a rack is damaged it must be repaired immediately, and this often means that storage space is limited during the period of downtime in which repair is taking place. Using pallet racking protectors helps protect against damage and thereby reduces the level of downtime.
  • Reduces collapse riskWhen a pallet rack comes into contact with a forklift, the rack can easily be damaged if the operator isn’t paying close attention. This can then cause the rack to collapse, potentially damaging thousands of dollars’ worth of packages being stored and cared for. Using pallet racking protectors helps guard against this issue and minimizes the potential for the rack to collapse.
  • Can be customizedAnother great benefit of working with pallet racking protectors is they can be customized to the warehouse environment. This means they can easily be integrated into any space no matter the setup. Working with a leading industry company such as California Wire Products ensures that you will have access to the highest-quality customized pallet racking protectors on the market. Pallet racking protectors add value to warehouses across the country and are a critical tool for both protecting your assets and ensuring your team’s productivity and safety. To learn more about the benefits of our welded and mesh products, and to discover how to add new pallet racking protectors to your facility, please contact our trusted team at California Wire Products today.

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