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Why You Should Buy American When Looking for Custom Wire Mesh Products

02/28/2020 0 Comments uncategorized

It’s a global economy and that means, whatever you’re looking for, you have a literal world of options for sourcing the goods.  However, that certainly doesn’t mean the options are all equal!  In many cases, such as ordering custom wire mesh products, you really will be better off sticking close to home and buying American, even if the price tag is a little higher at first.  You’ll be getting a lot of benefits and see much better long-term value.

Perhaps we’re biased, but we strongly believe American-made metal products are simply better.  Here’s why.

Three Reasons You Want Custom Wire Mesh Made in America

1. High-quality materials

One of the biggest hazards with ordering metal products from overseas is that you have almost no way of evaluating their material quality or guaranteeing that quality across multiple batches.  A lot of the cheap foreign outfits are using ‘dirty’ steel with contaminants or substandard raw materials.  They also tend to have very poor QC policies, sourcing their metals and raw materials based solely on what’s cheapest at the moment.

American-made metal products are much more likely to be of consistent quality, coming from supply lines which are carefully vetted and overseen.

2. Consumer protection laws

So, let’s say you order a batch of wire mesh from overseas, but it turns out to be brittle and useless.  What recourse do you have?  From a practical standpoint, you have none.  Trying to sue a foreign company for selling bad products is almost always an exercise in futility.  It’s too costly even in the best of cases, and most of the time, their home country will have a legal system that’s openly hostile to overseas lawsuits.

However, when you buy American, you get all the protections of the American legal system.  If you end up with a bum product, you have options to rectify the situation.

3. Faster and cheaper shipping

Even when talking about price, buying American isn’t as “expensive” as some believe because they’re overlooking the costs of shipping from overseas.  The shipping itself is expensive, plus it often takes weeks – or months – and that means opportunity costs as well.  With American-made products, you can have them shipped out rapidly and arrive when you need them.

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At Cal-Wire we own our own production facilities and are scrupulous about sourcing our metals from only the best suppliers.  Contact us for a free request and further information.


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