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What’s better woven or welded wire fencing?

03/15/2021 0 Comments news

Wire mesh, whether welded or woven, can be used in numerous applications, but the type you select depends on your needs. Both welded and woven metal wire meshes boast various advantages, stemming from how each is crafted.

Here are some differences between welded and woven wire mesh to help you make an informed decision.

Woven wire mesh

These are produced by welding a handful of critical areas together to hold the woven metal cloth in place. Heavy-duty wire mesh woven metal fence panels can be woven with various metals such as brass, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy.

Today, you can easily find numerous types of heavy-duty wire mesh woven metal fence panels in the market.


• It’s more flexible to work with

• It takes less labor to produce, making it more affordable

• Can be produced with different kinds of metal alloys in varying thickness and sizes



• It’s not as durable as welded wire mesh for reinforced protection

• Small items like ultrasonic parts can fall through the steel mesh holes


Welded wire mesh

These are produced by permanently welding wire cloth at all or most intersecting points. Welded metal wire mesh is more rigid than woven, and it’s more efficient at holding lids in place.



• Holds its shape better, making it more useful for industrial applications that require metal wire mesh to fit into mechanical parts with measurements.

• It can withstand greater force without tearing or breaking and contains heavy-duty loads.

• Ideal for barrier or protective applications because of its strength

• Can withstand the rigors of daily cleaning

• You can galvanize it to provide further corrosion resistance to salt and high moisture environments.



• It’s costlier than woven metal wire mesh as more time and labor are involved in its production.


Which one is better?

Generally, the application determines the type of metal wire mesh you select. If you’re working with rugged materials that require a durable and sturdy mesh, you might want to consider a welded mesh. Their heightened strength makes them ideal for perimeter fencing and protective caging for equipment.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution, heavy-duty wire mesh woven metal fence panels are a great option.


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