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What Is a Window Guard?

10/12/2021 0 Comments uncategorized

Wire mesh is used extensively throughout the globe to prevent unwanted intruders from entering premises. Wire mesh is a versatile and adaptable product that uses almost everywhere, like area fencing, window guards, and machinery barriers.

These meshes are available in a wide range of materials, grades, and wire diameters. The concept is relatively simple. It uses woven wire to create holes large enough for air to pass through or not ruin the view but small enough to make sure no animal or human can pass through.

Wire mesh panels alone aren’t usually able to stand up straight on their own, which is why a railing is used to reinforce their shape. Let’s look closely at the combination of wire mesh and window guard and the protection it offers.

What Is a Window Guard?

Window guards are usually metal grills installed on the frame of residential or commercial windows. The primary goal of these grills is to prevent adults or children from climbing into the window and fall out accidentally, or intruders don’t come in.

When wire mesh is combined with window guards in college campuses, shops, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, construction sites, prisons, gymnasiums, or other secure areas, the window guard also serves as a deterrent for unwanted traffic or theft.

It is a code requirement for homes, commercial areas, and storage facilities to install window guards in every window except designated fire escapes.

Apart from offering protection against intruders, wire meshes have also been known to bear immense loads due to their flexibility. Other than saving tools and equipment from theft, this is the primary reason why you see wire mesh around construction sites so often.


Removing Window Guards

It is not easy to remove window guards with your bare hands, even if they don’t have woven wire mesh. Tools, such as a screwdriver or scraper, shouldn’t be able to get the job done either.

Window guards are welded into the wall, preferably to the steel beams within the structure or building, to ensure they can’t be removed easily. You would need an angle grinder or similar cutting tool to remove the window guards. It would help if you considered the laws governing your state before removing window guards or its wire mesh, though.

Whether you are looking for a reliable window guard installation company, want advice on the material to use and wire mesh requirements, or need a free quote, California Wire Products (Cal-Wire) is here to help you out. Just give us a quick call and let us handle the rest!


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