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Uses of Wire Mesh Sheets in Construction

11/25/2022 0 Comments wire-mesh

Wire mesh is among the most prevalent materials for construction use. It is available in several different thicknesses, shapes, sizes, and strengths – ideal for any construction project. As the name suggests, a wire mesh sheet is made by welding wires of different thicknesses and lengths in a crisscross pattern forming a screen. Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials used to create wire mesh since it is resistant to corrosion and rust. 

Steel wire mesh is a critical element for construction since it helps increase site efficiency, is easy to install, reduces costs, and offers quick erection time. While you can use wire mesh for several things, its primary functions include screening, sheltering, and structuring.

Concrete Reinforcement

A wire mesh sheet can help increase the overall strength of a concrete structure like a column, a slab, or a concrete roadway. There is no way of avoiding cracks in a concrete structure, but a wire mesh sheet can keep the materials together as they settle. They will act as a heavy-duty core and help strengthen the structural integrity of your concrete. While most professionals still use steel bars to help with concrete pouring, welded wire mesh offers an alternative that is more affordable, durable, and easy to install than reinforced steel bars.

Wire Mesh Can Act As A Barricade

Another way you can use wire mesh in a construction site is to secure the site’s perimeter. Surrounding the construction area using wire mesh as a barricade can help all workers stay safe and prevent people from wandering into the construction site. It helps keep citizens off the site and will also help you avoid any hazards, injuries, or construction accidents. It is an ideal fencing solution, thanks to its customizability and durability.

You can also use wire mesh sheets as barricades for heavy-duty equipment used in construction. This way, you can ensure all your expensive equipment is safe from theft and damage.

It Can Act As A Temporary Retaining Wall

Some projects require building a temporary retaining wall. Thanks to their economical nature, several contractors use wire mesh sheets to build welded wire walls and use them as retaining walls. The contractors do not need to hire labor or buy expensive equipment to install as the wire walls can be easily installed and removed when the wall is no longer needed.

It Can Also Be Used As A Storage Solution

Steel wire mesh sheets can also help you create substitute storage solutions for construction materials. You can use wire mesh as a divider when storing essential construction supplies. Several construction workers like to make wire mesh storage boxes to keep their protective equipment like construction hats, gloves, and safety vests. It also makes it convenient for workers to spot where they have kept supplies and equipment since wire mesh sheets are easy to see through.

Bottom Line

Now you know why steel wire mesh sheets are essential in the construction industry. Thanks to their strength, durability, and dense spacing, they are invaluable in the construction process.

If you wish to learn more about steel wire mesh sheets, you can always contact our team from CaWire for professional insight. We have been in the wire mesh manufacturing business for years and can help you find a perfect solution depending on your construction needs.



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