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Types of Wire Mesh Fencing

02/04/2021 0 Comments news
It is essential to pick the right type of fencing for your needs, and there are four main types of it to choose from. Here’s what you need to know about each of them:  

GBW fencing

  GBW fencing, or galvanized before wire fencing, comes in woven and welded options. In other words, the intersections between the wires can be either woven or welded together. Welded fencing tends to be more affordable; however, the parts of the wires that are welded together will have been weakened by the process.   Therefore, welded GBW wire mesh fencing does not necessarily offer the level of protection that woven GBW fencing provides. Woven GBW fencing often has a higher tensile strength, which can withstand a more considerable amount of weight placed on it and makes it ideal for keeping out deer and other large animals. Both versions of this type of fencing are galvanized with zinc before being woven or welded.  

GAW fencing

  GAW fencing is galvanized with zinc after the different sections are weaved or welded together. These products tend to be somewhat more expensive than GBW fencing, but they are far more durable. Therefore, you’re much less likely to have to pay to replace this type of wire mesh fencing. As a result, it’s often a more cost-effective option than GBW.  

VC fencing

  VC fencing is coated with vinyl, which is either polyester or PVC. This is always done after the process of weaving or welding the wires together. The vinyl coating is highly effective at protecting it from rust and corrosion, and it tends to give the fence a smoother appearance. However, the durability and cost of these products vary significantly. There are different grades of VC fencing, and the vinyl coating is far more likely to be stripped away from lower grade products.  

Stainless steel and alloy fencing

  Stainless steel and alloy fencing are considered to be the most durable options. While these fences are resistant to rust, corrosion, and other environmental damage sources, their appearance is far more practical than different fencing types. They tend to be expensive and difficult to find, but the level of protection they offer is exceptional.  

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