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Top Benefits of Wire Mesh Pallet Rack Protection

05/11/2022 0 Comments uncategorized

Your pallets pose a significant risk for on-site workers. That is why companies must install pallet rack protection to protect workers and equipment from falling. The best type of such protection is those of the wire mesh form since they help catch anything that falls from a pallet.

All in all, they can help transform your facility to become safer and more functional.

1.   Prevents Chances of Accidents

Wire mesh pallet rack protectors provide protection by covering the pallets with the wire frame. This leads to fewer chances of spillage and objects falling from the pallets, which could be dangerous for the personnel.

It not only protects objects from falling onto other pallets but also into aisleways, which is why it significantly helps in reducing the chances of accidents.

2.   Wear-Resistant

Compared to other alternatives like wood pallet rack protection, wire mesh is much more durable and wear-resistant. Wire mesh pallet rack protection is designed and constructed with galvanized steel, which makes it tough.

As a result, there are fewer chances of wear and tear and fewer chances of forklift causing any damage. This is why this pallet rack protection is considered to be a worthwhile investment.

3.   Affordable Solution

Wire mesh pallet rack protection may have a higher upfront cost, but it is important to understand that the cost pays off in the longer term. Unlike other alternatives, such as wood, the wire mesh will not break, corrode, or warp.

Hence, you will not need to replace or repair them as often. You would then be saving a little bit of cost as well.

4.   Easy to Install

All wire mesh comes pre-cut and designed with precision according to your dimensions and preferred size, making it relatively easy to install. You won’t need to cut any of the wire yourself or figure out how to install it and where to do it. You simply need to pop in the wire rack and double-check the dimensions.

The installation is simple, straightforward, and not time-consuming at all.

5.   Enhance Warehouse Safety  

All in all, wire mesh pallet rack protection enhances your warehouse safety by protecting personnel, stored objects, and your assets. This mitigates any chances of incidents that can be dangerous and costly for your business.

 While wire mesh pallet rack protection is excellent for warehouse safety, it is still vital that you train your employees. This will enhance safety while also helping the wire mesh last much longer.

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