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Top Applications of Woven Wire Mesh Panels

08/31/2022 0 Comments wire-mesh-panels

A wire mesh panel is a fabricated design of stainless steel made using several welding and coating processes. The procedure helps create a high-quality and functional design that you could use in all forms of industrial and commercial uses. 

A wire mesh panel can offer exceptional durability and support several structures when executed correctly. Let us look at a few different woven wire mesh panel applications and why they are so commonly used nowadays. 

Secure Areas

High-quality woven wire mesh panels can be an ideal way to secure areas around valuable assets, including equipment, machinery, and tools. These panels are generally used to create fencing structures that can quickly surround your assets and keep them safe. This way, you can ensure that the area is accessible to only certain personnel who are professionally authorized to be in that area. 

Free-Standing Cages

You can also find wire mesh panels being used in free-standing cages. They are also used for inventory retrieval and protection. These free-standing wire mesh cages can also feature a door built using the same material, adding a great way to create an organized safety cage for all your valuable items. Woven wire mesh cages have become the key to machine protection, interior fence, tooling, and safeguarding of all vital goods in most industries. Since it’s cheap, easy to customize, and comes in all shapes and sizes, it has pushed itself to become a market leader in wire divider products. 


Woven wire mesh panels can also be used as dividers for all business that deals with a lot of foot traffic on a daily such as large manufacturing and shipping warehouses. As a result of the time-sensitive and critical nature of this business, dividers are essential for efficiency and indicating where the right person should be. Wire mesh panes allow you to divide certain sections of a large machine and employee rooms. The primary reason why people tend to use wire mesh panels for this is that they offer you a high degree of durability and flexibility. Flexibility in such instances focuses on how easy they are to move in and out of certain areas. 


Believe it or not, wire mesh panels can also be used for aesthetical purposes. Panels coated in different metals and alloys can give a modern and upscale look to architectural projects like residential and nightlife districts. The durability, price, and aesthetics can act as the finishing touches to your construction projects. 

Ideally, wire mesh panels are custom-built to the direct specifications of the end-user. When you contact a professional, they will ask you how you wish to use your woven wire mesh panels and then deliver a final design accordingly. Contact a professional from CalWire to get started on your wire mesh order today!



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