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The Differences Between Wire Mesh Panels and Rebar

05/22/2019 0 Comments uncategorized
When choosing a material for your facility, it helps to know the value of the leading options. Two of the most popular construction materials are rebar and wire mesh panels. To help guide you regarding the differences between these two options, we’ll address the subject and highlight which product is best suited for your applications.

What is wire mesh?

Wire mesh is manufactured from cold-reduced, deformed steel and is laid out in a series of square panels. When used in concrete projects, the mesh panels have ridges that help form the attachment to the concrete structure. The wire mesh can add significant strength to the concrete and ensure optimal flexibility for a range of architectural applications.

What is rebar?

Rebar is also made from steel but is generally laid out in larger squares than you would ordinarily find in wire mesh panels. Rebar is often used when cracking occurs in a concrete structure, as a reinforcement material.

Which offers the best value for my project?


Wire mesh is more cost-effective

  One of the foremost considerations in most structural projects is the total cost for the material. Wire mesh panels are more cost-effective. Because mesh arrives at the site in a roll, there are fewer labor expenditures to consider during installation.  

Rebar can be stronger but might be considered overkill for projects

  While rebar is often stronger than wire mesh, you might find that the level of strength provided by rebar is overkill for most projects. Heavy-duty wire mesh can offer the required level of durability while limiting your costs considerably.  

Wire mesh can offer greater flexibility

  Wire mesh is designed to offer high levels of flexibility when combined with concrete for structural projects. Contractors often find that the smaller squares of the mesh and the thinner steel material can be used in a great range of applications compared with bulkier rebar. Working with a qualified manufacturer of wire mesh panels can help your organization reduce its mesh costs and ensure you find the right product for your applications. Our experts at California Wire Products are committed to helping each client achieve full value when sourcing wire mesh material and our service is designed for both convenience and optimal levels of communication. To discover more about the many benefits that wire mesh can bring to your upcoming projects, please call our team at California Wire Products today.

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