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The Benefits of Stainless-Steel Woven Wire Mesh

08/30/2019 0 Comments uncategorized

Woven wire mesh is now used in commercial applications such as fencing, air filtration, and display shelving.  But selecting material for these applications remains a persistent challenge.

Our team can help guide you in selecting and customizing your woven wire mesh systems. Today, we’re exploring the benefits of stainless steel woven wire mesh.

Mitigates Rust

Stainless steel doesn’t rust in the same way as other materials. The product is designed to withstand harsh environments and moisture. So, you don’t have to worry about degradation over the long term.

Offers Durability

In applications such as machine guarding and fencing, the strength of the material used is a major consideration. Stainless-steel woven wire mesh offers exceptional durability. It provides lasting value in commercial and industrial applications.

Ready to Use

Other metals require a finish to be added to be used for woven wire mesh applications. Stainless steel is designed to be immediately used in your organization.

The product’s stainless finish will ensure it retains its aesthetic qualities while providing a level of strength unmatched by any other structural metal.

Unlimited Customization

Another reason companies such as California Wire Products use stainless steel for our woven wire mesh applications is because the product can be customized for all types of applications. The customization process ensures the right fit for your business and its long-term demands.

You’ll still have to find a qualified company to complete the design and building work, but choosing stainless steel is a great start to your working projects.


Select California Wire Products for Exceptional Material Quality

Few companies can match our experience in delivering quality woven and welded wire mesh products. We offer a comprehensive service designed to support you with expertise from the moment you choose your building material to the day your wire mesh system is delivered.


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