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Tenant Storage Lockers vs. Traditional Wire Storage Units: Improving Storage Solutions

04/18/2023 0 Comments business

Storage is a primary concern for tenants living in apartments or condos across the country. Living in an apartment complex often limits the ability to effectively store extra clothing, luggage, furniture, bicycles, personal items, and more.

Apartment storage solutions are gaining popularity among tenants looking at new potential condos or apartments. A survey conducted on the needs of current and future tenants shows that most individuals claim they would like to store furniture and household appliances in an on-site storage facility. However, all property owners must carefully consider carefully when comparing self-storage and tenant storage options.

Wire Mesh Storage Presents Severe Privacy Concerns

Most apartment dwellers admit to owning or renting an on-site storage unit. They even arrange for storage somewhere else in case on-site options are unavailable. The single biggest concern for most tenants regarding on-site storage is security and privacy. When considering tenant storage lockers vs. traditional wire storage, most respondents worry that someone may steal items from their storage units if they are made using wire. Many residents also express discomfort with the fact that people can easily see their belongings through traditional wire mesh storage.

Safety Is Also Critical

Several law enforcement experts agree that basic wire mesh storage units offer little privacy and security when comparing self-storage lockers to tenant storage cages. Anything visible from the outside is at a greater risk of snatch-and-grab thefts. Wire storage solutions can be easily pulled back, bent, or cut, allowing someone to quickly access the unit’s contents or reach inside and grab items within arm’s reach.

People Love Having Extra Storage

When it comes to tenant storage lockers vs. traditional wire storage, tenants admit that extra storage should be one of the top amenities offered by property owners, especially in multi-family facilities. One in every five apartments currently offers tenant storage, and it’s one of the essential amenities many residents look for, following a swimming pool and a fitness center.

Critical features for your on-site storage space include security cameras inside and outside the facility and 24-hour access. This is important because all tenants want a safe and secure place to keep their items. Our CaWire storage tenant lockers provide an optimal apartment storage solution that you can explore!

Tenants Will Be Happy to Pay More!

With high-quality apartment storage solutions, your tenants will feel relieved and be willing to pay extra for this kind of on-site storage compared to traditional wire storage cases. Most respondents said they would happily pay five or even ten dollars more for a covered storage locker than for wire mesh storage units.

For several reasons, most apartment owners are now switching to tenant storage lockers vs. traditional wire storage. The primary reason for this preference shift is that wire mesh storage jeopardizes security and privacy. Another important factor to consider when comparing self-storage and tenant storage options is that wire mesh storage looks unattractive. Unsightly amenities generally make it much more challenging to convince tenants to pay a monthly fee.

Contact CaWire to Find Out More!

Our team from CaWire can help you transform your assisted living facility by providing high-quality tenant storage lockers that offer ideal security and come at a pocket-friendly price. CaWire is the preferred partner for tenant storage lockers, delivering exceptional customer service, professionalism, and high-quality products. Our experts can help you explore the overall importance of tenant storage lockers vs. traditional wire storage and the benefits they offer to all residents. Call our team at 951-371-7730 for more information!



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