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Our Partition Manufacturers Explain the Benefits of Wire Mesh Versus Solid Wire

07/15/2019 0 Comments uncategorized

Whether you require new storage cages for your building or you’re looking for machine guarding options, the experts agree: wire mesh is the best option.

Our experienced wire mesh partition manufacturers explain why in this latest post.

See-through panels

Having clear visibility into the structure is often crucial for machine guarding applications. If you work with solid wire, you may not be able to see a machine malfunction. For storage cages, solid wire mesh won’t allow you to see when items are missing.

The see-through panels of wire mesh make the material the ideal option for a broad range of applications.


Your machines require air flow in order to limit the impact of airborne contaminants such as dust and workplace debris. Wire mesh offers superior ventilation and allows air to flow through the area.

This level of airflow will be important to machine guarding applications. A rise in temperature can cause your equipment to overheat leading to systems failure. Buying wire mesh partitions from local manufacturers is the best way to safeguard your equipment.


You’ll save a significant amount of money when you choose wire mesh products compared with solid wire systems. Wire mesh uses far less material than solid wire and this means that the purchase price is a fraction in comparison.


Another key consideration in choosing wire products is the level of flexibility they provide.

Solid wire has a limited number of applications within your commercial buildings. Meanwhile, you can alter wire mesh in a number of ways for use throughout the facility.

This can also be important when you have unique architectural considerations. For example, if you require wire for storage lockers but have a limited amount of space in your locker rooms. Wire mesh can be altered easily to accommodate your restricted space while providing you with the highest level of durability and security.

Select California Wire Products for quality wire mesh options

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