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Our Manufacturers Present a Guide to Choosing Welded Wire Mesh

06/24/2019 0 Comments uncategorized
Welded wire mesh is now used in a number of applications across numerous industries. For example, it can be used in security applications in order to build fencing around machines or to protect windows. Welded wire mesh is also used for its durability within grating applications, protecting ventilation in the subway. For companies considering working with welded wire mesh manufacturers, it’s important to learn about the material and its value. Here is our team’s guide to selecting welded wire mesh for your upcoming project.
  • Review the shape of the material
The shape of the material will be a key consideration when evaluating welded wire mesh material. For example, if you’re choosing welded wire mesh for a filter product, you’ll require a very fine wire that allows an optimal level of filtration. Make sure you’re very clear with your welded wire mesh manufacturer when selecting their products and detail the size and shape of the material with precision.
  • Consider the Grid Patterns
Another important element of selecting welded wire mesh is considering the grid patterns of the mesh. There are several patterns to select from, each of which has its benefits. For example, you might select a welded wire mesh that has a hexagonal pattern. This can add strength to the grid and can improve durability depending on the underlying quality of the welded wire mesh. Discuss the material options When buying welded wire mesh from the top manufacturers, you’ll likely have a number of material options from which to select. For example, there are companies offering copper, bronze, stainless-steel, and aluminum welded wire mesh. Consult with the company to review the specifications for the material, as you may require a specific level of durability. Architectural features are usually constructed from bronze and copper for their aesthetic qualities. While durability and performance requirements can be met with a high-strength material such as stainless-steel. Turn to California Wire Products for quality welded wire mesh For several decades, California Wire Products has become a leading specialist for quality welded wire mesh products. We work with clients and offer expert guidance on project specifications and always deliver quality products at affordable pricing. To discover more about our company and our custom products and solutions, please contact our team today for a consultation.  

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