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It’s not always easy to know what you’re buying when you buy woven wire mesh online, but by considering your options carefully and making well-thought-out decisions you can choose woven wire mesh that is designed to offer durable performance over the coming years. In this latest post, our trusted team at California Wire Products highlights where to buy woven wire mesh online. Manufacturer The manufacturer of the woven wire mesh product should have experience within the industry and should be committed to providing you the ideal return on investment for your payment. Make sure you research the manufacturer carefully. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the manufacturer to ask them your own questions and find out more information about their products. Ask them about their history in the marketplace, and about their manufacturing process when crafting woven wire mesh systems. Country of Origin Another leading consideration when you buy woven wire mesh online is the country of origin for the product. Was the product manufactured in a country where the standards for production are overseen by a specific organization? Look for the country of origin for the product and find out more about the standards employed within the mesh industry in that country. Sometimes you’ll discover that the product was built in a factory using low-paid workers that don’t abide by industry standards. Wire Finish The type of finish used to protect the wire is an important factor in the overall wire mesh’s quality. Make sure the product you buy is offered with a zinc finish. That’s because zinc, when applied after the welding process, gives the steel a thicker coat that is extremely durable. The product will thereby offer ideal performance in adverse weather conditions. Vinyl is sometimes added to the zinc to provide aesthetic value in addition to the functional performance of the finish. Our team at Cal-Wire is here to help you make the right product choices when you buy wire mesh online. We can help you select that ideal product for your applications. To learn more about the options available, call us today.  

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