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Important Considerations When Ordering Custom Wire Mesh Panels

02/14/2020 0 Comments uncategorized

Custom wire mesh panels can be the perfect solution for a wide range of fencing and containment needs.  From protecting pallet racks to keeping animals in their pen, wire mesh panels offer an excellent balance of price vs. performance.  Plus, they require extremely little upkeep, while lasting for years or even decades.

However, you do have a lot of options in wire mesh panels and getting the best value for money means thinking about which type of panel will be the best fit for your needs.  These are some of the most important considerations.

Four Things to Consider When You Buy Custom Wire Mesh Panels

1. Wire gauge

This simply refers to the thickness of the wires that make up your wire mesh.  This primarily affects their strength, although it’s not quite as straightforward as “thicker = stronger.”  You’ll also want to consider how much the mesh is likely to bend because thicker gauges will be more resistant to bending.

In addition, prices tend to go up along with the gauge, as more metal is being used.

2. Weave size

Another important consideration is the weave size, the size of the holes within the mesh.  The smaller the weave, the more “solid” the mesh becomes.  Larger weaves make it easy to see through the fence (good for keeping track of items or livestock) but it will be potentially climbable.

3. Weave type

The other major concern with weave is whether you want a square weave or diamond weave.  This is mostly just a question of which look you prefer, although square weaves may be a little easier to climb.

4. Rolls or panels?

You can generally get your mesh in two ways, either as independent panels or as large rolls of mesh.  Panels are easy to work with and install but will become increasingly expensive the more you order.  Rolls will be cheaper for larger square-footage but require more effort to work with.  Rolls are generally best for fencing off large areas; panels are generally for more contained applications such as guarding pallet racks.

Cal-Wire Has Custom Wire Mesh Panels for Every Need

Since 1948, we’ve been one of the top suppliers of metal wire products across America.  Our wire is used by governments, businesses, and everyday homeowners.  We own our own production facilities, and we proudly offer only the highest-quality pure metal products.  Contact us for a consultation on your options!


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