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How to Use Pallet Racking Protectors to Safeguard Your Pallets

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Pallet racking is a key area of concern for warehouse operators. When the racking becomes unstable, the risk of damage to the building and the potential for injuries arises.

Let’s explore how to minimize damage with pallet racking protectors.

Prevent Impact from Forklifts

A common cause of racking failure are impacts from forklifts. Forklift drivers may inadvertently drive into the side of the pallet, causing an entire shelf to fall to the ground. Pallet racking protectors can be added to the rack to absorb the impact of forklifts and provide stability.

Rack-end protectors can be used to shield the vulnerable areas at the end of a rack. The rack end is open and any impact in this area can cause thousands of dollars in product losses. Simply installing rack-end protectors can help protect your workforce and company.

Highlight Edge of Racking

Another reason companies are now investing in pallet racking protectors is these protectors stand out in the warehouse. They alert forklift drivers and other equipment users to the edge of the racking. Drivers can then take evasive action when they come close to impacting the rack.

What to Consider Before Investing in Racking

Before you begin to review racking protectors, consider the following:

  • Total Product Cost

Find out more about the total cost to buy and maintain the racking. This lifetime cost should be outlined by your racking specialist.

  • Training

If you invest a significant amount of money in racking, you should ensure your team knows how to effectively use the product. Provide your team with comprehensive training on how to use the protectors and on the value the protectors can bring to the workplace.

  • Customization

Racking protectors must be customized according to your building needs and the requirements of your team. For example, if you’re using adjustable pallet racking, you’ll have to consider how to adjust the protector during warehousing operations. When speaking with your racking designer, ask them about the customization options and their abilities to meet your requirements.

Turn to California Wire Products for Pallet Racking Protectors

Our team at California Wire Products specializes in designing and supplying quality pallet racking protectors for clients throughout the commercial and industrial fields.

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