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Expanded metal mesh: What it is, how it’s made, and when to use it

02/04/2021 0 Comments news
Metal materials that offer a combination of strength and durability while also being low-cost are an excellent addition to any project. One of the more commonly used materials for a wide variety of applications is expanded metal mesh. Read on to learn about how this high-quality metal wire mesh can provide exceptional security or endurance for any situation.  

Expanded metal mesh: Heavy duty and low cost

  The expanded metal mesh is produced by pressing sheet metal through an expanding machine that cuts the metal into a pattern and then spreads it apart. Holes are created wherever the cuts were made, leaving a robust and uniform mesh.   Unlike other forms of wire mesh, heavy-duty wire mesh made from expanded metal is significantly more durable. This makes it easier to weld and more extended to last. As it also offers more airflow than perforated sheet metal, it is a better choice for projects requiring thermal regulation. Additionally, it weighs less, costs less, and involves less waste in its production than sheet metal.  

The many uses of expanded metal mesh

  Heavy-duty wire mesh can be used for several demanding purposes. As fences or cage partitions, it provides first-rate security for workers or stored goods. As a material, it is strong enough to be frequently used in mining and construction processes.   Heavy-duty, expanded metal mesh is the go-to choice for facilities or operations that require the highest amount of strength, durability, or protection. Using modern 3D imaging equipment, expanded metal mesh can be produced to fit any project’s custom dimensions while retaining its exceptional endurance.  

Choose the experts at Cal-Wire for your wire mesh needs

  At Cal-Wire, we’ve been the top source of America’s stainless steel wires, mesh, and associated products since 1948. Our expertise lies in knowing what type of product will fit your project the best.   Our highly-trained team at Cal-Wire will work with you every step of the way from the moment you contact us. We understand the importance of timely service and how critical individual components can be in projects of any size. When an order is being fulfilled, it becomes our priority until it is completed.   To learn more about our heavy-duty, expanded metal products, click here. We have a variety of wire meshes available, including woven wire mesh and stainless steel wire mesh. Contact us today and we’ll match the right material to your budget and your project needs and start the design process.  

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