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Do You Know the Different Uses for Wire Mesh Around Your Warehouse?

11/06/2021 0 Comments wire-mesh-panels
Initially, wire mesh used to be available in only one type, i.e., welded wire mesh panels. However, this material has evolved over the years. Now, many options are available, each offering a different way of adding value to residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Wire mesh panels have also found their way into warehouses, being used for security purposes, holding weights, racks, refining aggregate, and more. This article will look at the different uses of wire mesh for warehouses and how it adds value to your property and the inventory as a whole.  

Uses of Wire Mesh for Warehouse

Depending on the warehouse-type and the industry it serves, wire mesh may be used for different reasons. These include:  

Storage & Processing of Food Items

Steel wire products are well-known for their durability and ability to hold immense weight, which is why wire baskets are used to suspend food when needed. This is particularly true for warehouses designed to age food or drinks. Wire mesh is also used in food preparation and processing, such as barbecue grills, deep frying baskets, domed food covers, and more.  

Safety & Maintenance

Wire mesh has been used widely for security purposes, even for warehouses. It isn’t uncommon to see wire mesh panels separating different products. Usually, that is all that’s needed to keep them away from each other. You will also find wire meshes being used to lift heavy material, such as lumber or even metal itself. The mesh distributes the load across the entire mesh evenly when a heavy object is placed on it. The empty spaces allow it to expand and, therefore, accommodate material safety. These meshes not only keep material contained but also keep animals, pests, and intruders at bay. For warehouses that cater to farms and/or livestock, you may find stainless steel mesh is used in:
  • Compost bin filters
  • Chicken coop base/roof
  • Egg protection
  • Fencing
  • Pest control
  • Livestock barrier
  • Equipment protection


Finally, the most common use of wire meshes for warehouses; creating shelves out of wire mesh. Many suggest that wire mesh is a great option for warehouse shelving, especially compared to MDF or wood. This is because wire mesh shelving is much stronger, flexible, reliable, safe, convenient, and, most importantly, cost-effective. Depending on how small the item(s) you are looking to store is, the size of wire mesh panels you need will vary. California Wire has been manufacturing the best-in-class wire meshes since 1948, serving large orders all across the US. If you would like to learn more about how and what size wire mesh would be best suited for your needs, get in touch with us at any time for a FREE quote.

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