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Discover the Latest Applications for Wire Mesh Partitions from our Manufacturers

04/22/2019 0 Comments uncategorized
Wire mesh is becoming more popular as companies look to secure their buildings in various areas. And so, it’s important that you capitalize on the value that wire mesh can bring to your organization. In this new post, our manufacturers highlight the applications for wire mesh partitions. Outside barriers When storing products such as hazardous materials outside in nearby warehouses, companies must ensure these areas have comprehensive buffers against damage. Wire mesh partitions are often used to offer robust protection in these areas and can help protect against damage from vehicles and access by animals and criminals. Controlled-substance storage The storage of controlled substances such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals requires companies to consider further security measures. While locks on doors are required and security cameras are used in warehouses, many firms are now adding wire mesh partitions to their security infrastructure for added protection. Wire mesh partitions from the top manufacturers are used to create storage cages which cannot be accessed without authorization. Employee protection Employees working within high-security environments such as financial companies and data centers often require robust security systems to offer them protection around the clock. Wire mesh partitions are used to help protect employees against access by those outside the business and to ensure they can work safely and effectively without interruption. Guarding equipment The equipment companies use within their working processes can also be protected using wire mesh partitions. For example, manufacturers working with high-powered machinery can use wire mesh partitions to protect against pieces of material spinning off and injuring workers. The machines themselves can be protected too by having wire mesh partitions guarding against falling objects or impacts from within the workspace. Turn to California Wire Products for high-performance wire mesh partitions Our experts at California Wire Products have spent decades building quality partitions for use throughout the commercial marketplace. Our partitions are built for robust performance and for adherence to the latest industry safety regulations. We offer customizable options designed to simply integrate within your organization. To learn more about our company and the complete range of products we offer, please contact our team directly.

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